Geocache Containers. Geocaching software can assign special icons or search (filter) for caches based on certain criteria (e.g. [116], Additionally, Opencaching sites allow users to rate and report on existing geocaches. The Chirp stores hints, multicache coordinates, counts visitors and confirms the cache is nearby. Le géocaching (ou geocaching) est un loisir qui consiste à utiliser la technique du système de positionnement par satellites (GPS, GLONASS…) pour rechercher ou dissimuler un contenant (appelé « cache » ou « géocache ») dans divers endroits à travers le monde. Some cities, towns and recreation areas allow geocaches with few or no restrictions, but others require compliance with lengthy permitting procedures. With a worldwide membership and a freemium business model, the website claims millions of caches and members in over 200 countries. This is a common practice of some cachers and has been used successfully for years. The finder hides the cache in a different location, and updates the listing, essentially becomes the hider, and the next finder continues the cycle. [7] According to Dave Ulmer's message, this cache was a black plastic bucket that was partially buried and contained software, videos, books, money, a can of beans, and a slingshot.[6]. Geocaching Gift Ideas; Gift Certificates; Clearance. The finder is often required to capture their image from the webcam for verification of the find. The rating system also greatly reduces the problem of abandoned or unsatisfactory caches still being listed after repeated negative comments or posts in the cache logs. [22][23], Moving/travelling caches are found at a listed set of coordinates. your own Pins on Pinterest If the result of that is multiple digits, you add those digits together, repeating the process until you get a single digit. The digital root of a number is the single digit that you get by adding all of the digits of the original number together. Use a GPS-enabled device to navigate to the provided coordinates. Geocaches may also be complex, involving lengthy searches, significant travel, or use of specialist equipment such as SCUBA diving, kayaking, or abseiling. [5] The location was posted on the Usenet newsgroup sci.geo.satellite-nav[6] at .mw-parser-output .geo-default,.mw-parser-output .geo-dms,.mw-parser-output .geo-dec{display:inline}.mw-parser-output .geo-nondefault,.mw-parser-output .geo-multi-punct{display:none}.mw-parser-output .longitude,.mw-parser-output .latitude{white-space:nowrap}45°17.460′N 122°24.800′W / 45.291000°N 122.413333°W / 45.291000; -122.413333. Higher-value items are occasionally included in geocaches as a reward for the First to Find (called "FTF"), or in locations which are harder to reach. [102] Two exhausted drowning people were rescued from the river suffering mostly from numerous bruises and blunt traumas.[103][104]. Others cannot and should not dictate how you play this game. Historic buildings and structures have also been damaged by geocachers, who have wrongly believed the geocache to be placed within, or on the roof of, the buildings. [63], Geocaching enthusiasts have also made their own hand-held GPS devices using a Lego Mindstorms NXT GPS sensor.[64][65]. [20] The term plays off the fact that those not familiar with geocaching are called muggles, a word borrowed from the Harry Potter series of books which was rising in popularity at the same time geocaching started.[17]. Container sizes range from "nanos", particularly magnetic nanos, which can be smaller than the tip of a finger and have only enough room to store the log sheet, to 20-liter (5 gallon) buckets or even larger containers, such as entire trucks. Geocaching was originally similar to the 160-year-old game letterboxing, which uses clues and references to landmarks embedded in stories. I highly doubt that the negative players are as able to stop as you did. Additional international sites include, a German website, and Geocaching Australia, which accepts listings of cache types deprecated by, cache types such as TrigPoint and Moveable caches, as well as traditional geocache types. [22], Geodashing is an outdoor sport in which teams of players use GPS receivers to find and visit randomly selected "dashpoints" (also called "waypoints") around the world and report what they find. [91], In April 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the township of Highlands East, Ontario, Canada temporarily banned geocaching, over concerns that geocache containers cannot be properly disinfected between finds. Look for a micro hidden container. General Geocaching Discussions ; Getting Started ; Digital Root Of Word Sign in to follow this . Although generally disallowed, hiders could place caches on private property without adequate permission (intentionally or otherwise), which encourages cache finders to trespass. He copied the caches from Mike Teague's database into his own. Geocaching was originally similar to the 160-year-old game letterboxing, which uses clues and references to landmarks embedded in stories. Puzzle caches are a great alternative to traditional geocache. [14] More recently, other similar hobbies such as Munzee have attracted some geocachers by rapidly adopting smart-phone technology, which has caused "some resistance from geocaching organizers about placing caches along with Munzees". The first documented placement of a GPS-located cache took place on May 3, 2000, by Dave Ulmer of Beavercreek, Oregon. There are multiple ways to assign values to characters, the default assignment is A=1, B=2, C=3, ..., Z=26. A Multi-cache consists of one or more stages, each of them containing the coordinates for the next one; the final stage contains a physical container with the logbook. [21] The most common cache containers in rural areas are lunch-box-sized plastic storage containers or surplus military ammunition cans. These "events" have their own cache type on and include many non-geocachers. Mystery/puzzle caches require one to discover information or solve a puzzle to find the cache. A more controversial version of paperless caching involves mass-downloading only the coordinates and cache names (or waypoint IDs) for hundreds of caches into older receivers. This allows users to see what other cachers think of the cache and it encourages participants to place higher quality caches. This was changed shortly after the original hide when it was suggested in the gpsstash eGroup that "stash" could have negative connotations and the term geocaching was adopted. Geocachers are free to take objects (except the logbook, pencil, or stamp) from the cache in exchange for leaving something of similar or higher value.[16]. [23], An Event Cache is a gathering organized and attended by geocachers. [106], The largest site is, owned by Groundspeak Inc., which began operating in late 2000. The cacher usually has to perform a task which teaches an educational lesson about the earth science of the cache area. Geocaching was conceived shortly after the removal of Selective Availability from the Global Positioning System on May 2, 2000, because the improved accuracy of the system allowed for a small container to be specifically placed and located. [30] The official player is only available for Pocket PC. Regional rules for placement of caches have become quite complex. A Traditional cache is the most common type and consists of a container with a logbook. [22][23] An Offset cache is a multi-cache in which the initial coordinates are for a location containing information that encodes the final cache coordinates. It's located in New York, United States. Traditionally, this means that the seeker has an electronic means of viewing the cache information in the field, such as pre-downloading the information to a PDA or other electronic device. Geocaching Australia also has many unique cache types such as Burke And Wills, Moveable_cache & Podcache geocaches. Apr 8, 2011 - This Pin was discovered by Florence Babarit. Geocaching from space is a combination of flight to near space, the geocaching game, and a unique science experiment. One woman was found dead in the river a few hours later. [127] Navicache is under transition to new owners, who said they "plan to develop a site that geocachers want, with rules that geocachers think are suitable. [36] Earthcaches are one of the two exceptions to the no-container rule; they are caches in which players must answer geological questions to complete the cache. It is also possible to use the letter - number assignment as used on telephones and much more. By dreamketcher, October 14, 2005 in Getting Started. The finder records the location using their GPS receiver and often takes a picture at the location showing the named object and his or her GPS receiver. The geocache and most of its contents were eventually destroyed by a lawn mower; the can of beans was the only item salvaged and was turned into a trackable item called the "Original Can of Beans". The applications also calculates the digital root of the solution. [18] Also common are objects that are moved from cache to cache called "hitchhikers", such as Travel Bugs or Geocoins, whose travels may be logged and followed online. Nano Cache; Micro Cache; Larger Cache; Devious Cache; Ready to Hide Cache Kits; Geocache Labels; Rite in the Rain® Logbooks; First To Find; Night Caching; Make / Maintain Caches; Trackables. cache / k æ ʃ / – chować, skrytka, schowek, kryjówka) – gra terenowa użytkowników odbiorników GPS, polegająca na poszukiwaniu tzw. Simple caches that are placed near a roadside are often called "drive-bys", "park 'n grabs" (PNGs), or "cache and dash". The BIT Cache also contains a URL and a password, for logging purposes. In many countries there are regional geocaching sites, but these mostly only compile lists of caches in the area from the three main sites. The group is composed of all Wherigo application developers who, up until that time, had been acting and developing separately. A Letterbox cache or a Letterbox hybrid cache is a combination of a geocache and a letterbox in the same container. They are listed exclusively at[23]. Currently, the Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone mobile platforms have applications in their respective stores. This site is translated in different European languages, has an extended FAQ and extra supporting tools for TerraCaching. [92], Several deaths have occurred while geocaching. [42][43], Unlike geocaching, nothing is to be left at the dashpoints; the sole objective is to visit them within the time limit.[44][45]. When the final option is checked, additionally the word values of all words will be counted separately (separated by a space or a new line). The site promotes mobile applications, and lists over two dozen applications (both mobile and browser/desktop based) that are using their proprietary but royalty-free public API. [107] Geocaching Headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, United States.[108]. Authors can develop self-enclosed story files (called "cartridges") that are read by the Wherigo player software, installed on either a GPS unit or smartphone. Numerous websites list geocaches around the world. Although not required, many geocachers decide to leave behind signature items, such as personal Geocoins, pins, or craft items, to mark their presence at the cache location. [85] [116][117], The main difference between opencaching and traditional listing sites is that all services are open to the users at no cost. The cache is retrieved by connecting a device that has a USB port and that is able to read standard text files. [22], Webcam caches are virtual caches whose coordinates have a public webcam. The placement of geocaches has occasional critics among some government personnel and the public at large who consider it littering. geo – Ziemia, ang. [73], Schools have also been evacuated when a cache has been seen by teachers or police, such as the case of Fairview High School in Boulder, Colorado in 2009. That digit is the digital root of the original number. Many of them also accept unique listings of caches for their site, but these listings tend to be less popular than the international sites, although occasionally the regional sites may have more caches than the international sites. These are optional logging requirements other than signing the log of the found … Examples include finding a number of caches that meet a category, completing a number of cache finds within a period of time, or finding a cache for every calendar day. [41][81] Events and caches are often organized revolving around this practice, with many areas seeing significant cleanup that would otherwise not take place, or would instead require federal, state or local funds to accomplish. [84][70] However, certain types of placements can be problematic. It is not a true cache, but is treated as such by geocaching platforms: it can be "found" upon attending the event. It's a Micro size geocache, with difficulty of 3, terrain of 1.5. These coordinates, along with other details of the location, are posted on a listing site (see list of some sites below). [13], An independent accounting of the early history documents several controversial actions taken by Irish and Grounded, Inc., a predecessor to Groundspeak, to increase "commercialization and monopolistic control over the hobby". Larger containers such as plastic storage containers (Tupperware or similar) or ammunition boxes can also contain items for trading, such as toys or trinkets, usually of more sentimental worth than financial. M.H.T. [23][32], Guest Book caches use guest books often found in museums, tourist information centers, etc. I think your ability to walk away from it cold turkey shows how healthy you are. It's a Regular size geocache, with difficulty of 4.5, terrain of 2.5. Shirts; Jackets and Hoodies; Gifts. This type is available at Geocaching Books; Find-a-Cache. Items On sale; Last Chance Items; Account . If you have suggestions to add to the Glossary of Geocaching Related Terms, please contact us.. Glossary of Geocaching Related Terms. A variety of geocaching applications are available for geocache data management, file-type translation, and personalization. After signing the log, the cache must be placed back exactly where the person found it. Root of Marietta (GCHEM3) was created by Hannah and the Owl on 1/3/2004. [68][69][70] Other times, investigation of a cache location after suspicious activity was reported has resulted in police and bomb squad discovery of the geocache,[71] such as the evacuation of a busy street in Wetherby, Yorkshire, England in 2011, [72] and a street in Alvaston, Derby in 2020. As of 2012[update], Teague had logged only 5 caches. As well as concerns about littering and bomb threats, some geocachers hide their caches in inappropriate locations, such as electrical boxes, that may encourage risky behaviour, especially amongst children. 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